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AVN Game with Meggan Mallone

AVN Game with Meggan Mallone & Paul Fishbein, can’t embed it, watch it on
AVN Game on Howard Stern Show
She tells story of hitting NY with Hanna Hilton, and talks about 3 some, I think this is the one…
Meggan Mallone and Hanna Hilton threeway


AVN Awards Trip Giveaway With Meggan Mallone And Paul Fishbein. 12/03/08. 8:05 am
Howard had Paul Fishbein come in with this super hot porno chick. He said that they’ve known Paul since they were at NBC and he’s grown this Adult Video News thing to something big. Howard said that this girl, Meggan Mallone, was way good looking and too good looking for porn. He asked her if she’s broken or something. She said that she’s really not. She said that her mother called her after years of not talking to her and asked her why she was on the cover of Hustler.
Meggan said that of course she has a messed up life, all porn stars do. Howard asked her if she thinks she got into porn because of the home life. She said she’s not suer about that. Howard asked Paul if he’s tagging this girl. Paul said he’s married so he’s not.

Howard said that Paul seemed like a bum back in the days when they first met him. Meggan said that he slept under her bed last night and he does seem like a bum.

Howard said that Meggan is super hot and asked her when she started to do the porn thing. She said she was doing a Hustler layout after high school and got into it. Howard found out that she was out last night with a friend so Howard tried to get more information about that. She was giving him snotty answers though and chewing gum which was kind of annoying. Howard had her spit it out.

Howard asked Meggan about her sex life and if she ever did gang bangs or anything. She said she never did that and doesn’t think she ever will. Howard asked if she got dressed up last night when she went out. She said they were out in their sweats. She said that she and her friend Hanna Hilton were out together and they were wearing goofy Statue of Liberty hats and guys were still trying to pick her up. Howard said she gave him the finger for some reason. She claimed she didn’t know what he was talking about.

Howard asked Meggan about hanging out with this girl and if they had sex or anything like that. She was a tough interview and wasn’t giving straight answers. Howard said he figures she’s a lot of fun in the sack. Howard asked her if she gives a good blow job. She said that she really can’t suck dick for shit. Then she said that’s her specialty.

Meggan told some stories about being with some porn guy who had a huge dick. She said that she thinks that there’s a dick outside of him and even more inside. Howard asked her if she’s ever taken it in the backside. She said she hasn’t. She said that’s an outie, not an innie.

Howard asked Meggan if she thinks the government should bail out the auto industry. She didn’t have an answer for that. She said that she did vote for Obama when Howard asked about that.

Howard said that Paul is giving away a prize to the AVN Awards today. Meggan is up for some awards this year. Howard asked her if she’s a fan of Jenna Jameson. She joked that she was but Howard had to ask her to answer honestly. She said she didn’t think of Jenna as an idol.

Meggan said she did well in school and did go to college for a year. She told Howard about her fake boobs and how they’re not too big like some people have. She said they look real. Howard asked to see them and said they did look nice when she whipped them out. He gave her some applause for them.

Howard said that they had this game to play with Meggan. She said that the average man would love to hang out with Meggan at the AVN Awards. Paul is giving them a trip to give away to a lucky fan. They have two contestants who are going to try and win this prize. He was going to get into that but had some audio from one of Meggan’s movies, 20 Questions, where she’s getting slammed by some guy. He played that and then moved on to the game.

Howard asked Meggan some more questions and found out she lost her virginity at 16 to her best friend’s boyfriend. She apologized to her friend for doing that.

Howard said they have these two guys coming in next. First up was Justin. Howard asked him about just getting out of the military. Justin said that he and his wife were in the military and they both got out after a couple of years. He had two tours over in Iraq. Howard asked if he killed anyone over there. Justin said he didn’t want to get into that. There are just some things you don’t talk about. Howard said he would be a bad military guy because he’d be bragging about that stuff. Meggan said that he bets he looks hot in his fatigues. Justin said ”Oh hell yeah!”

Howard moved on to the second guy, Greg, who owns his own business. He’s also married and his wife would probably be going for the porn stars even more than him. He said that she’s been known to have some fun.

Howard said this is going to be a very interesting human experiment. He said that they’re going to have Beetlejuice come in and both Justin and Greg are going to call out Beetlejuice’s name to try and get him to come over to them. Howard said the guy that gets Beetlejuice to come over to them will win the prize. Meggan thought that it was kind of lame and thought that they should make him do cartwheels or something.

Howard took some calls and Irish John thought that she was sniffling a lot this morning. Meggan said she doesn’t use coke that much and hasn’t done it. Howard asked her what she’s doing with her money she makes. She said she’s putting it into her breasts but then said she’s putting it away.

Howard got back on track and asked the guys what their strategy is. One guy had one, the other didn’t. Howard said that they were going to be playing for this trip to the AVN awards. Howard asked Meggan if she’s hoping to win the Best New Starlet at the awards. She said she would like that to happen. Howard asked her to thank him if she does win. She said she’s not sure she’ll do that.

Howard had the guys bring in Beetlejuice. Justin and Greg started calling him to come over as soon as he came in. Beet ended up going over to Justin within a few seconds. Justin was rattling his keys like he’d do for a dog asking it to go for a ride.

Howard said that Beet went right over to Justin and asked him why he did that. Beet didn’t seem to know why he did it. Greg said he was going for the calm approach so he wouldn’t scare him off. Howard asked Beet why he picked Justin over Greg. Beetlejuice didn’t know.

Howard wanted to try it again so he had the guys move Beetlejuice back. Justin and Greg started calling him again but Beet told them that he’s not a dog. Greg asked him to come over because he’s a huge fan. Beet didn’t care and refused to go back over.

Howard asked Beet why he won’t go back over. Beetle said that he doesn’t want to, that’s why. The guys kept talking to Beetle but he didn’t want anything to do with them. Howard told Beet about Meggan but he didn’t even seem interested in her. He kept saying ”Goo’ of’ her” over and over. Howard had Meggan stand up but Beetlejuice didn’t seem to care about meeting her.

Howard told Beetlejuice that Justin won a trip thanks to him. Beetlejuice said ”Goo’ of’ him, goo’ of’ him…” He didn’t care that the guy won. Beetlejuice said he didn’t win nothing for nobody. Howard let Justin thank him anyway but Beet didn’t want any part of that.

Howard asked Beetlejuice if he’s getting laid. Beet said he has no problem with that. He claims that he’s getting laid tonight.

Howard gave Beetlejuice some plugs for some appearances he’s making soon. Howard mentioned one place and asked Beet what he was going to be doing there. Beet said he’ll be doing stuff he doesn’t want to know about. Howard said Beetlejuice will be available for doing luncheons soon too. You can find out more about that at

Howard said Beetlejuice is working on a new rap group too. Beet said that’s kind of complicated and they’re working on it.

Howard asked Justin about the shaking of the keys. Justin said he’s seen people do that with dogs that like to ride in the car. Howard asked Beetlejuice if he’s smoking weed lately. Beetlejuice said that he’s still doing that. The guys told Beetlejuice that Artie was out today. Beetlejuice said he heard about that and he figured he was sick. He said he can tell that he’s really sick. He figured it was heart problems.

Howard wrapped up with Beet and let him go. He also thanked Paul and Meggan for coming in. He asked Meggan if she would ride the Sybian. She wasn’t interested in doing that. Meggan said she wanted to pick up Beetlejuice and throw him around instead.

Howard wrapped up with Paul and asked him if he gets to hang out with the girls there at the show. He said that the fans do get to hang out. Meggan didn’t seem so interested in that though. Meggan said that she loves the fans no matter how ugly they are. She said she was just joking about that. Howard wrapped up and asked if they had a runner up prize for Greg. Paul said that they will have a box of DVDs sent to him.

Paul said that they’re going to have a big hip hop act at the awards this year but he can’t mention Flo Rida’s name yet. Howard went to break after that.

Talking to Meggan Mallone

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